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Check out these great podcasts that inspire us to love Jesus and others even more.

Small Group Leader Podcast.

The Small Group Leader Podcast is a podcast by small group leaders for small group leaders to be equipped and encouraged as they make disciples for Jesus.

Yale Chi Alpha "Christianese".

A good way to start almost every week. If you want to grow in devotion to God, connect with your Yale Chi Alpha community, and be inspired to take real responsibility in your faith then this is the show for you!

Bema Podcast.

The BEMA Podcast is a walk-through of the context of the Bible and the Text itself, as well as surrounding history. We deconstruct our common readings and reconstruct them through the lens of historical context.


Leaders are readers! We are constantly being challenged by the heart provoking content in these great books.

College Ministry in a Post-Christian Culture

College Ministry in a Post-Christian Culture

Stephen Lutz

Today's college students are in the midst of a seismic shift. They are balancing dramatic changes in their own lives while dealing with uncertainties in a world around them. In a culture that is no longer predominantly Christian, college ministry workers can no longer assume the students on their campuses have a basic understanding of Christ or his Church.In College Ministry in a Post-Christian Culture, Stephen Lutz translates missional theology to the practice of college ministry-ministry as a proactive movement that is constantly adapting to its ever-changing environment. This resource will equip college ministry staff, pastors, churches, and student leaders to minister effectively to today's college students with both depth and practical insight.

Discipleship By Design

Discipleship By Design

Harvey A. Herman

"As Jesus walked beside the Sea of Galilee, he saw Simon and his brother Andrew casting a net into the lake, for they were fishermen. 'Come, follow me,' Jesus said, 'and I will make you fishers of men.'" The relationship between Jesus and these brothers started with the simple words, "Come, follow me." In essence, a disciple of Jesus is a follower. Eventually, Jesus' twelve followers will change the world. However, it is an inconspicuous and unremarkable beginning for an eventual team of world-changers, don't you think? How will an assortment of "unschooled, ordinary men" be transformed into courageous and substantive heralds in just three short years? Transformation, complete and deep-seated transformation, is the answer. How does a total metamorphosis take place within a new follower? Jesus' discipleship begins with a personal relationship and an invitation to join a missional community.

The Master Plan Of Evangelism

The Master Plan Of Evangelism

Robert E. Coleman

For more than forty years this classic study has shown Christians how to minister to the people God brings into their lives. Instead of drawing on the latest popular fad or the newest selling technique, Dr. Robert E. Coleman looks to the Bible to find the answer to the question: What was Christ's strategy for evangelism? This convenient, portable format has an updated look for a new generation of readers.


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