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We want every student, professor, and staff to experience the gospel and become disciple-makers.

Helping students take real responsibility.

Jesus gives life and purpose. Our lives are about Him and His provision. Now we have the responsibility to take this good news to those around us. As we do this together we believe we will make an unforgettable impact on our campus.


Students following Jesus for life. Following Jesus is about a relationship, not an event or set of rules. We're here to help students from all walks of life and backgrounds experience what it's like to follow Jesus and make disciples together.

Jesus is a person to be known, not an event to attend.

We believe that a real devotional life is necessary to maintain a solid relationship with God. Through spending quality time in the bible and communicating with Him we can experience God and the life we are called to live.

Learn the joy of following Jesus in every area of life, not just on Sunday.

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